Your best friend in school told you about this old creppypasta website, everyone is talking about it! You want to join the conversation! On your way to the computer classroom, you can overhear some older students talking about how a hacker got their password to their emails, their social media accounts, everything! But you don't care, you want to be the coolest guy in the classroom, you are the bravest kid in the school!


Or so you thought.


Arrows to move,

Space bar to attack.


Clickbait.com is a project developed for the WOMEN GAME JAM 2021, made by a team of people from Colombia and Chile. We wanted a game about the dangers that a kid could face in their first moments using the internet, such as exposure to viruses, inappropriate content, and of course, other uses trying to harm anyone that comes close to them by accident. Wanted to show a metaphorical vision of the internet, to accentuate how scary it can look if you don't understand how it works.



Alejandro Guerrero

Camilo Garcia

Sandra Pérez

Angie Martinez

<h3>MUSIC - SFX:</h3>

María Lucía Viccini

Edward Alfonso Domínguez Bocachica


Noemi Crosby Conget

Angie Martinez

*And specials thanks to Pame Chavez and Soco for helping us.*


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hola! el efecto de movimiento de canales de color o psicodelico está padre ¿Cómo lo hicieron? saludos

(1 edit) (+1)

Lo hicimos con after effects, buscamos un tutorial de "glitch" en youtube para hacer ese efecto y luego exportamos el video frame por frame para que funcionara en Unity!

Sandra Muchas gracias por tu respuesta. ¿Te refires a un sprite Atlas de cada frame? Saludos

Sí :D


ok muchas gracias!


está muy bueno y creo que fue todo un reto en todos los roles. De audio, visuales y programación. Muy psicodélico mal rollo.

Felicidades!! :D